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If You Are A Media Business That Wants to Increase  Margins By Selling  Existing Products Into New Markets and Seeks Advice On Producing New Products for Existing and New Markets,  Then You've Come to the Right Place. But That's Not All We Do ...

Stone & Associates Media Solutions is a consultancy targeted primarily at media businesses to increase their profitability by improving cost-efficiencies and by introducing  new business opportunities.  Clicking here provides a general overview of all our various services. 

Of all our activities, however,  perhaps the most popular is the most unusual -- a 90 minute training session given to non-newsroom personnel (the secretaries, accountants, lawyers, sales people etc.)  explaining  what  news really is, how we get it, why it is so important etc. Indeed the first question we ask the group is, "What is News?" and you would be amazed at the responses! One of the world's largest international news agencies  ran its current and new non-journalistic employees in Europe through such a program and not only did they understand the business better (the intention) but the training bound everyone together forming a stronger team spirit throughout the company (a welcome bonus).

But that's not all. As consultants we can suggest new business opportunities, write business plans, bring vendors to the table, even negotiate the contracts if you wish on your behalf. We can create turnkey sales conferences, produce commissioned reports based on original research, train your media sales people to improve their media sales etc. etc. etc. 

We also can be your "local" correspondent in Geneva (home of the European UN and many international non-governmental organizations)  and don't forget sporting organizations such as the International Olympic Committee, FIFA and UEFA are headquartered in Switzerland. And if you need a correspondent elsewhere in Europe we can arrange that. And with the magic of the internet your news and pictures can be delivered in real-time directly to your newsroom.

 Stone & Associates specializes in advising media companies how to increase margin. We can, for instance, recommend new markets for news, still pictures and video; show you ways how  to make money in New Media without relying entirely on the the advertising model; and we provide top management with a new pair of eyes to overview how the business is being run and to recommend fresh ideas on how to increase profitability. We have a particular expertise in the running of news agencies and information providers, news pictures agencies,  broadcasting and television news agencies. Click here  to see some of the things we get up to. 

The consultancy is headed by Philip M. Stone,  a media specialist for some 30 years. Mr. Stone has worked for long periods on both sides of the Atlantic in various news managerial positions. His last posting was to Geneva, Switzerland, where he continues to reside, and where he served as the Managing Director for Reuters Media, Europe, Middle East and Africa. 


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